Purse types

The System supports several types of Purses, that keep record of valuables property rights of corresponding types:

  • Z-Purse: WMZ — Goods certificate,  in USD;
  • E-Purse: WME — Electronic money in EUR;
  • R-Purse: WMR — Bearer's bank cheque in Russian Rubles;
  • U-Purse: WMU — Bank account claims in UAH;
  • B-Purse: WMB — Electronic Belorussian Roubles;
  • K-Purse: WMK — A receipt for the right to receive EKZT from the guarantor for a certain amount;
  • G-Purse: WMG — Warehouse receipt for stock Gold in a certified storage area;
  • X-purse: WMX — Stored property rights to publish entries in the global public database of the bitcoin.org network.
  • H-purse: WMH — Stored property rights to publish entries in the global public database of the bitcoincash.org network.
  • V-purse:  WMV — Electronic money in Vietnam Dong(VND);

The units of measurement of the valuables' property rights stored by the guarantor are WebMoney Title Units (WM) of the corresponding type.

System Users can open as many purses from any Guarantor as needed, that is why Purses belonging to one User are combined into a single repository (Keeper) under a unique identification number — WMID. WMID operation modes description, as well as conditions of its usage are described in the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer, which is accepted by every member who joins the system.

WMID allows the System's member not only to perform operations with Purses, but also to exchange legally binding messages with other members and enter into contracts.