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App version

WM Keeper for mobile

WM Keeper Pro for mobile

WebMoney Keeper Pro application is temporarily unavailable on Google Play, please download and install the APK file

Android APK

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Quick and convenient access to main WebMoney functions:

  1. Open your wallets
  2. Make payments
  3. Top up your balance
  4. Make transactions
  5. Exchange funds
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Browser version

WM Keeper

Website with the main functions of the WebMoney Transfer system. For all browsers, including mobile


WM Keeper WebPro

Website wallet with advanced features. Access using login and password or personal digital certificate


Apps for PC

WM Keeper Win Pro for Windows

Supported by OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


WM Keeper для Windows UWP

Supported by OS Windows 10 and 11 (v.16299.0 and later)


WM Keeper Pro для Windows UWP

Application with advanced function set. Windows 10 and 11 supported (v.17763.0 and later)


WM Keeper for Mac OS

Download the application from the Mac App Store


Other apps

E-Num app

Authorization system with a high level of information security

WebMoney Advisor

A web browser extension for analyzing traffic, publishing reviews, and determining site ratings. Supported by Chrome, Firefox and Edge