Grant a Loan

It is likely that you and the Borrower have long relationships and (s)he is in the list of your users in WebMoney Keeper.

But it is quite often that the Lenders want to spend their idle money giving a paid loan to personally unknown Borrowers who published who published the applications for getting funds in the Debt service. In order to do this, you have to choose a suitable application in the section of placed applications and contact the potential Borrower. Usually, a good Borrower provides quite a detailed information about him.

If you fail to find an application for getting a loan with suitable conditions. you can place your offer with loan conditions and wait until Borrowers contact you.

The process of giving a Loan in the Debt service comprises of several stages.

After choosing a borrower, you need to open his/her credit line (trust limit) having specified the percent for using the loaned amount, maximum amount and loan term.

In his turn, the Borrower shall confirm his  consent with the conditions of opening the trust limit. After the credit line is opened (s)he received the possibility to take funds from your purse within the amount of the trust limit. After expiration of the term, the Borrower repays the funds with percent.