Obtaining a Passport

WM-passport is a digital identity document certified by handwritten signature analogue of the WebMoney Transfer members. The passport stores personal data of the holder: full name, passport details and contact information. Passport shows how seriously the WMID-owner relates to the use of the System. Certification procedure is easy and provides additional opportunities to work with WebMoney.

Some of the advantages of obtaining a passport:

  • increased confidence in the WMID owner from other members of the System;
  • increase of the limit for withdrawing funds to a bank account;
  • Use automated ways to accpet payments on the website of the memebr; 
  • increased financial limits for WM Keeper Standard owners;
  • work with loan purses - receiving and granting of loans;
  • increased size of loans that can be obtained through the Debt service Debt.webmoney.ru.

Depending on the way yof verification of the information reported by the member, there are several types of WM-Passports:

  • Alias passport is isuued automatically at login to the System. 
  • Formal passport is issued automatically after filling in personal data. After verification of these data with the data in the documents of the member the Formal passport gets the status of verified.
  • Initial passport is issued for a fee after verification of passport data by Personalizers (member of the system working under the partner program of the Verification Center).
  • Personal passport is issued for a charge after checking passport details by the Regitsrator (authorized memebr of the system).