Termination of Service

Termination of service is the annulment of the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Digital Title Units, implying a full interdict on the use of the system and its services without a possibility for the owner of the WMID to re-register in the future.

At the time or registration in the System, each Member shall accept the terms of all the Agreements, governing the WebMoney Transfer system operations and shall abide by them.

In case of a WMID owner breach the accepted terms of an Agreement by his actions, declares publicly his refusal of complying the obligations assumed under the System Codex and terms of Agreements and/or conducts illegal activities, then in order to protect the System and its participants interests, his service may be terminated by the the

Please be advised that any disputes arising between the Members of the System shall be settled in the Arbitration service, through the procedure of filing complaints and claims, Decisions adopted by the Arbitration service are binding for all participants. A refusal to abide by the decision of the Arbitration service shall be deemed an explicit breach of the Agreement terms, and shall be perceived valid grounds for the denial of services.

In case of a service denial, a Member of the System will be granted a right to withdraw his remaining of funds from his purse in case of an absence a claims from other System Members. Withdrawal of the remaining funds will be possible ONLY by the way that allows unequivocally prove that the recipient of funds has the same name as the WMID is registered for, and in the participant registration country currency. At the same time, a payment of a such transfer will be made by an expanse of the WMID owner by a market rates applied in the corresponding I/O gateways.

If your name, middle name and last name are not specified in your passport, you should create a ticket for Webmoney Passport service and attach a scan or photo of your passport.

In case of the denial of service, withdrawn funds can be transferred only using the WebMoney Banking service, and an SMS or E-num confirmation of transaction is not required.

  • After the entry was confirmed, an invoice will be sent to your WebMoney Keeper
  • Once the invoice is paid, the Service will notify you of the completion of your bank transfer
  • Please wait fo your bank account to be credited.

Transfer of WMB to a Bank.

Transfer of WME to a Bank.

Transfer of WMZ to a Bank.

Cancellation of the Agreement by the System participant

When the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means Of Digital Units is cancelled further utilization of WebMoney Transfer System is not possible.