For exchange offices

You can setup your own exchange service(office) and get profit from the exchange operations of WebMoney title units to cash or to other systems electronic currency.

It is very simple to start such exchange business: 

  1. In order for an exchange office to work with the third parties, it is necessary to get status of an authorised exchange office from the system. This requires a Personal WM-passport.
  2. Register the exchange website in the MegaStock catalogue in the section Business & Finance, subsection "Online E-Currencies Exchange" or "Buy & Sell E-Currencies".
  3. During the registration process, it is necessary to accept the Agreement on the Rules and procedures for using WebMoney Transfer for exchange operations using financial instruments", and to specify exchange directions for cash/non cash payments or electronic currencies. After that, information about your services will be posted in the relevant sections of the system's website, and the exchange office will be authorised.
  4. Additionally, to the MegaStock catalogue, information about your exchange office will be posted in the Geo service, which will allow potential customers to easily find you.

If you have any questions, you can email to all@wmtransfer.com.