Types of currency: what is WM-ID, WMR, WMZ, WME, WMU, WMB and WMG? What is a purse number?

Presently in Webmoney Transfer there are four types of currency in circulation. These are:

WMZ – currency equivalent to the US$
WMR – currency equivalent to the Russian Rouble
WME – currency equivalent to the Euro
WMU – currency equivalent to the Ukrainian Hryvna
WMB – currency equivalent to the Byelorussian Rubles
WMG – currency equivalent to Gold

When you registered with the system, you obtained a Web Money Identification (WM-ID). It is made up of 12 digits.

After you sign in with your Identification, you will be able to view the purses that correspond with it.

By default in WMKeeper Classic you receive four purses – one for each currency.

Each purse has a number. This number is also made up of 12 digits, but before the number there is a prefix that denotes the purse currency. For example:
Z238479008342, R034873236762, E9282374987384, U108374384782 are the different purse numbers for WMZ, WMR, WME and WMU currencies respectively.

By default in WMKeeper Light you only have a Z-purse, E-purse. R-purse. If you need purses for other currencies, you can create them.

It is possible to create as many purses as you need both in WMKeeper Light and in WMKeeper Classic using your identification.

You can also remove the purses you no longer need.

It is possible to find a user ID from a purse number, but not the other way round. To find out a user’s ID, go to the users section and right-click to open the menu and click "Find user".

To transfer funds you have to use a purse number. You cannot transfer funds to an ID number. If you know a user ID, you can send a message via the internal mail or send an invoice.


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Types of currency: what is WM-ID, WMR, WMZ, WME, WMU, WMB and WMG? What is a purse number?


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